Raketspel – a studio with a long history

Raketspel, with an office at Kungsholmen Stockholm, started in 1999-2000. One of the early ambitions was to ”make the Internet fun”. They have worked with both web and game projects. One of the main clients in the early stage was TV4, a major Swedish broadcaster.20150612_095536_resized

Over the years a  large number of games have been created. They have had success with challenge games of different kinds. Currently word games such as Wordcollapse and Word Monsters dominate the business.

We discussed how studios can benefit from their user community by cross selling and learning. For instance, it appears that many prefer some kind of chance element in challenge games, since if it is only about skill it is just a matter of someone simply being the best and in the end allays win. Another important factor is the gameplay and player control, so that winning feels like a matter of skill and loosing is a matter of bad luck rater than a bad interface.Johan Höglund, Sven Forsell, Oskar Andersson, and Per Ekstig

Johan Höglund, Sven Forsell, Oskar Andersson, and Per Ekstig

Raketspel’s revenues are in the lower midrange for Swedish studios. The team has been kept small and a nice climate and feeling is important. We had a good time discussing the challenges of the industry and strategic options for studios over a nice coffee.



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