Which Country Makes the Best PC Games?

Trying to validate the competitive strength of different game developing nations, I made an analysis on all Metacritc scores for recent games. For practical reasons, the study was limited to PC games from 2014 and 2015. The average for the total 478 game releases was 71,28 (Metascore) and 6,9 (Userscore). Sweden’s averages were slightly higher than the total, but not at a statistically significant level (one-sided t-test). The following graphs illustrate the results.


The number of reviewed titles per country.


Average Userscore for reviewed titles, per country. (Note that Norway only had 4 games reviewed.)


Average Metascore for reviewed titles, per country.

Poland, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, and Spain may be added later, if there is time.

Note: The analysis is to be considered indicative, since the data has some weaknesses. The scoring is not done systematically by the same individuals, but are indications of the average opinions of critics and users that rated each game. But, for example, players tendency to engage in rating might not be independent from their game attribute preferences. For older games, this is less of a problem because of the higher number of underlying scores. But new games have fewer scores, and also tend to have higher scores. The relatively large sample size might mitigate some types of bias.

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2 reaktioner på ”Which Country Makes the Best PC Games?

  1. This is really interesting reading! Can I use these figures when I give public speeches? (I will refer to your report of course)



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