Global Growth Rates – 2007 to 2018


Doing a meta study of five different reports from international industry analysis and research firms it appears that the global revenues from video games are now around 100 billion USD. According to statistica, more than half of the revenues are from the still-growing console sector (see link for different sub-sectors). While the data comes from different sources (that I cannot verify) and cover different years, the numbers are similar in magnitude and provide a rough base for comparison. The average yearly growth rate was 8,3%.

global growth chart

The average yearly growth rate for Swedish game developers 2010-2013 was 74,8%. When excluding outliers (extreme cases) the rate is still around 50%. In the meta study the average global growth rate for these years was 8,1%. On the same basis Sweden’s share of the global revenues is estimated to 1-2%.

Note: This is for illustration purposes. The global data are from consumers, while the Swedish are from the game developers. Swedish data may therefore exclude sales from large Swedish games that are reported by company entities in another country. This can effect the Swedish growth rate. The data sources for global numbers have not been verified.



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