Congratulations to PeppyPals

Rosie Linder and her team has created two games, PeppyPals Farm and peppyPals Beach, that are intuitive, fun and very constructive for children. To solve the different puzzles, the child need to interpret the emotional state of the different cute animals in the game, and take actions to make them feel good. Se a nice article here (in Swedish).


PeppyPals Beach is my 2,5 year old daughter Emmas favorite game. She plays it on a Samsung pad. Sometimes we play together and discuss what is happening in the game and why.

From an analytic standpoint, PeppyPals is a good example of a game start up initiated with a mission rather than solely financial objectives. Several of the smaller studios I have interviewed, especially in the mobile games sub-sector, have referred to such missions: To do something better for the world or just to make the games they would like to play themselves, while making enough money to support a normal life.

While there seems to be a correlation between not being interested in making much money and actually not making much money on games, these objectives need not to be exclusive. Studios such as mediocre manage to achieve commercial success while pursuing a personal passion. (See separate coming post). So in conclusion, maybe the commercial part should sometimes be given more priority even in mission-based efforts, possibly giving the entrepreneurs more resources to follow their passion?

PeppyPals is on a good track with more than 100 000 paying downloads already!

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